Force: War Room™

Unified incident response

Extending the FORCE+ platform, Force: War Room™ provides real-time incident and crisis management for your entire team.

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It's 00:30, and you roll out of bed to handle the inbound call. Connectivity is down for the LA data center. After trying to dial-into the conference bridge three times, you join to hear the usual incident chaos. NetOPS is calling the provider to determine if it's DDOS. SecOPS is waiting on a PCAP that there may or may not be capabilities to grab. The CIO wants to know a SITREP. Everyone is tripping over each other all trying to do the best with what they have, and what they have is no longer enough.

The Rook Security Force: War Room is an action-oriented and results-oriented cloud service command center born out of this necessity to raise the bar beyond what has been acceptable for incident response in the past. Historically, utilizing GoToMeeting, dial-ins, chat, and email has somehow gotten it done. However, integrating these types of capabilities, fused with intelligent design, the Force: War Room forces a cohesive plan with, delegated tasks, and provides real-time status for managing incidents to successful resolution. You have the ability to manage the response more succinctly with greater control, higher efficacy, and decrease time between threat detection and elimination.

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Real-time incident phases.

View all Force: War Room activities in a simplified feed. See what actions are being taken to manage and eliminate threats. Provide executives with on-going awareness without distracting the critical responders with back-briefings.

Built-in process.

Eliminate variability by responding based on predefined operational incident phases. Customize actions and activities based on specific situations, requests, and realistic constraints. Share and archive important pieces of evidence and create incident timelines

Active view of high priority incidents

View open incidents and all critical information at a glance. Provide real-time visibility and notifications to all concerned stakeholders from IT to the CxO. Visually identify when SLA targets are about to be breached.

cross-functional collaboration

Communicate and collaborate real-time with partners from other teams such as OS, networking, legal, PR, privacy. Leverage one-click dial in to Force: War Room conference calls.

View team member activities

See all incident team members, their contact information, and the activities they have contributed to the Force: War Room. Know who is working on what tasks for any active incident.

One-click Force Multiplier

Add internal or external resources to the incident response team immediately. Apply specialist operators to handle specific tasks to eliminate the threat. Rapidly deploy skilled resources.

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Force: War Room aggregates the pieces of information you need to have a comprehensive view of incident information in one place. With the right knowledge of the asset under attack, the attack, and the attacker, the appropriate response can be taken swiftly, eliminating the threat while having coordinated air support from other teams.